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Mountain Air

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The Joy of a Summer Holiday

Quiet, the power of nature, hiking time

An inspiringly beautiful mountain holiday at 1,400 meters above everyday life. Meransen is a place where you can breathe. Varied, rich in contrasts and blessed by Mother Nature’s bounty. With 280 days of sunshine and the covetable Dolomites panorama, the alpine pasture region of Gitschberg Jochtal is perfect for a summer break. Flowering meadows, crystal-clear mountain lakes, more than 30 charming Alm huts, and a unique potpourri of athletic, cultural and recreational activities.

Specialsfor Holiday

Mountain Weekend

from 25.05. - 28.05.2017

We all need a break from the rat race! Do you want a bit of peace and quiet, some good times with those you love and restoration of body and mind? Enjoy a short summer break at the Gitschberg Hotel in ...

€ 227,00
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Time for joy

from 28.05. - 01.06.2017

Mother Nature in all her glory. Movingly beautiful moments of happiness. 1,400 meters above everyday life, the short break transforms into an amazing experience. Welcome to the Gitschberg Hotel in ...

€ 278,00
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Mountain Weekend in Fall

from 12.10. - 15.10.2017

Fabulous food, the colors of autumn and a soothing spa. A long weekend at the Gitschberg Hotel in Meransen will recharge your batteries – you’ll be ready to get back to everyday life.

€ 248,00
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Time for joy in Autumn

from 08.10. - 12.10.2017

Fall foliage in the forests, unique mountain vistas and hiking during the most beautiful time of the year! Fall in Meransen gives you a wonderful break and plenty of R&R. Welcome to the Gitschberg ...

€ 305,00
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