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Fenilia Spa treatments

Massages and natural beauty care

Feel refreshed, healthy and beautiful and become fully aware of your own body. By experiencing nature and its stimuli with all your senses, you tap into the rich resources of natural living. In keeping with the name of the spa – Fenilia means “hayloft" – we make good use of the knowledge residing in the Alpine tradition of natural healing.

Our treatments are based on a holistic approach, attuned to the individual needs of Gitschberg guests, and rely on the use of natural substances found in the Alpine region.

Massages & Bodyrituals

Fenilia Flower Clock Massage "Trifoglia"

Deep relaxation and a vigorous dose of life energy for the heart, small intestines, liver and gall bladder.
In line with the philosophy of the flower clock a gentle pressure point massage with St. John's wort oil attunes the body organs in question to the cardinal point. The body candles filled with Trifoglia herbs resolve blockades and, along with select flower essences, stimulate the body's self-healing power. If applied between the hours of 1 and 4 p.m. this highly energetic treatment brings the heart, small intestines, liver and gall bladder into a harmonious balance.

50 min65,00 €

Fenilia Flower Clock Massage “Primula“

Good health, vitality and profound balance for the kidneys, bladder, lungs and colon.
In line with the philosophy of the flower clock a soft pressure massage stimulates the organs in question and orients them towards the earth. The subsequent body candle treatment with Primula herbs harmonises the energy flow, relaxes and enhances the body's self-healing power. In combination with select flower essences it has a particularly invigorating effect on the kidneys, bladder, lungs and colon if applied between the hours of 4 and 7 p.m.

50 min65,00 €

Honey Vitality Massage

South Tyrolean Alpine rose honey has a powerful natural cleansing action on your body. This dorsal massage is felt deep in the tissues and activates the reflex zones. Toxic substances resolve, blood flow is stimulated and your skin feels soft and delicate.

40 min49,00 €

Forest Spring Massage

A soothing massage with precious essential oils that gives you new strength and energy. Blockades resolve, muscles relax, your skin acquires that healthy glow. Choose from among a variety of stimulated or soothing scents.

Whole body 50 min € 60,00
Back and legs 25 min € 38,00
Head, neck, shoulder and face 25 min € 38,00

25 - 50 min38,00 - 60,00 €

Pure - Body Treatment

The purifying and tightening care programme pampers your body and soul. A vigorous soap massage stimulates cell activity and leaves your skin as smooth as silk, while moisturising aqua aceti provides a natural protective coating for your skin. The care ritual is rounded off with a relaxing and vitalising massage with cedar wood oil or pomegranate oil.

50 min65,00 €

Facial treatments

Natural Beauty – Intensive Care

This regenerating wellness treatment visibly increases your skin’s radiance, vitality and elasticity. Individually tailored to your skin type, the treatment includes a toning cleanse, an invigorating Kneipp wash, eyebrow shaping, an intense massage of the face and décolleté with natural peel, deep cleansing, mask, hydrating treatment and cream to finish. You also enjoy a nurturing hand massage.

75 min85,00 €

Natural Beauty – Basic Care

A little time-out for a vibrant and fresh appearance and velvety skin. Individually tailored to your skin type, the treatment includes a toning cleanse, an invigorating Kneipp wash, eyebrow shaping, a massage of the face and décolleté with a natural peel, mask and cream treatment to finish.

50 min65,00 €

Manicure, Pedicure, Depilation

Soft and smooth - Manicure

This beauty ritual for your hands starts out with a fragrant herbal bath, followed by professional cuticle and nail care. A gentle rock-salt peel with common marigold and a relaxing massage of hands and arms leave your skin soft and smooth. Upon request, the manicure includes application of nail polish.

50 min49,00 €

Fleet of foot - Pedicure

Vitalising and pleasant. A footbath with warm stream pebbles and juniper is the prelude to a professional nail and callus care followed by rock-salt peeling and a gentle foot massage. On request, the pedicure includes nail varnish.

50 min55,00 €

Smooth skin - Depilation

Efficient body hair removal with hot wax followed by soothing after-treatment. Legs, armpits, bikini zone, upper lip, or back.

15 - 50 min15,00 - 55,00 €