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Fenilia Spa treatments

Massages and natural beauty care

Feel refreshed, healthy and beautiful and become fully aware of your own body. By experiencing nature and its stimuli with all your senses, you tap into the rich resources of natural living. In keeping with the name of the spa – Fenilia means “hayloft" – we make good use of the knowledge residing in the Alpine tradition of natural healing.

Our treatments are based on a holistic approach, attuned to the individual needs of Gitschberg guests, and rely on the use of natural substances found in the Alpine region.


Weightless . Energetic

An invigorating experience for the whole body. These regenerating treatments are designed to loosen tension and soothe localised pain, restoring flexibility and a sense of lightness, freedom and well-being.

Intensive back massage

The power of mountains

50 min75,00 €

Swiss Pine Massage

The power of trees

50 min75,00 €

Relaxing assage with hot stones

Earth power

50 min75,00 €

Massage with essential oils

The power of the forest

25 - 50 min50,00 - 75,00 €

Spine and joint treatment

Primordial force

75 min119,00 €


A source of health . A fountain of youth

Holistic treatments with long-lasting effects to rejuvenate your body and restore vitality. To promote health and boost resistance and performance.

Back massage with honey

The power of honey

50 min75,00 €

Revitalising foot massage

The power of the source

50 min75,00 €


Balance . Serenity

A state of mindful peace. Discover and centre yourself with a natural, rebalancing anti-stress programme for anyone ready to welcome new experiences.

Anti-stress massage

The power of happiness

75 min119,00 €

Fenilia Trifoglia

Energising herbal ritual

50 min75,00 €

Fenilia Primula

Energising herbal ritual

50 min75,00 €

Face, head & neck massage

The power of stones

50 min75,00 €


Beauty . Care

Pamper yourself from head to toe. The power of nature rejuvenates your skin, making it shine from within. A wonderfully effective, revitalising experience.

Radiant natural beauty

Intensive face treatment

75 min105,00 €

Pure natural beauty

Basic face treatment

50 min75,00 €

Feather-light feet

Feel-good pedicure

50 - 60 min65,00 - 75,00 €

Silky smooth

Hair removal
Half leg ~ € 38
Full leg ~ € 52
Bikini line ~ € 23
Armpits ~ € 23
Upper lip ~ € 18

10 - 50 min18,00 - 52,00 €