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Between heaven and earth: the panoramic ALPINE POOL

A refreshing gateway to freedom. A plus of well-being and lightness. A nature experience and wellness pleasure to dream of.

A new fountain of inspiration

Float towards the horizon and enjoy a sense of freedom and lightness. The new panoramic ALPINE POOL will welcome you to a world of pure bliss. Inside and outside. Sustainably heated and filled with powerful mountain spring water, it is a gift for your body and mind. As boundaries fade away, the view opens to the glorious beauty of the Dolomites and the natural spectacle of the sky’s play of light. 1,400 metres above everyday life.

The panoramic AROMA GARDEN is a feast for the senses. A place of mindfulness and tranquillity, designed to create a deep connection between you and nature. A green oasis, and a place of power. To the east, Alpine flowers and aromatic herbs offer a tribute to the element of Air – a breath of life, the voice of the mountains, and a herald of new beginnings. To the south, the view opens up towards horizons of freedom, clarity and foresight. This is the home of vital Fire – life force itself. Feel the breeze rustling the trees and the soft, mossy soil under your feet as you become one with the earth and its energy. And with the power of the flames blazing in the fireplace.