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Silver Quartzite Primordial Stone Treatments

Ancient knowledge re-interpreted

Invisible to the eye, they still do exist: primordial forces in the form of oscillations. It is the principle of these forces upon which the silver quartzite primordial stone treatments rely. The rock is extracted from a small quarry in the Pfitsch valley. Its shiny silver surface fascinates mineral collectors, and its inner values – especially its high silicic acid content – benefit people and make it an ideal medium for energetic massages.

What's more, the two holistic applications practiced in South Tyrol rely on the age-old knowledge of Alpine natural medicine and combine stone energy with the power of alpine flowers and herbs, larch resin and primordial stone incantations.

80 min95,00 €

Silver Quartzite Massage

Feel the deeply relaxing power of this unique primitive rock from the South Tyrolean mountains. A massage with choice essences drawn from wild herbs and mountain juniper combined with a smoking ritual stimulates your metabolism and activates your body's self-healing forces. Connective tissues firm up, muscles relax, your circulation and digestive processes are activated. All your senses convey the message of deep relaxation, a new kind of lightness and the feeling that you are one with the Earth.

80 min95,00 €

Silver Quartzite Cleansing: Massage with Curative Earth

Silver quartzite from Pfitsch owes its distinction as curative earth to its high quartz content. The energetic massage with silver quartzite crystal granules purifies and firms up your body and stimulates your metabolism. While it relieves tensions and restores the vital balance, invigorating larch resin and juniper from high up in the mountains enhance your strength, particularly are embarking on a new project or plan changes in your life.

50 min78,00 €

Silver Quartzite Power Back Massage

All the primordial power of silver quartzite for a stronger back and a conscious sense of deep, yet dynamic, relaxation: this liberating, powerful pressure massage with warm silver-quartzite stones, alkaline silver-quartzite healing soil and wild herbs dissolves tension with a lasting effect, giving you renewed energy and vitality. A naturopathic incense ritual complements the treatment, favoring deceleration and heightening the power of self-healing.