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At Home in the Mountains

Breathe, and feel happy

Hotel Gitschberg – a Boutique Biohotel establishment

A holiday guaranteed to be sustainable and natural

Life is here and now. It’s in our hands, as is the chance to make it worth living. Ours is the choice to shape life as we wish, to enjoy it to the fullest and to do something good for ourselves and others. This is the greatest gift of all.

After the certification as a South Tyrolean ClimaHotel, our long-standing commitment to sustainability has now brought us to a point where our core values find full expression. By becoming a Boutique Biohotel, our Gitschberg has grown to fully incarnate our vision. Real and authentic, life-inspired and value-oriented – a place we can truly call our home.

For us, to do business is to actively take responsibility. With each small step, we work our way to a bigger picture. For the greater good. By choosing the organic way of doing things, we also choose values that inspire the circular economy, natural farming, species-appropriate husbandry and healthy food production, with a view to protecting biodiversity and promoting fair trade and working conditions, as well as an ecologically sound approach to resources. This is our commitment for more transparency, sustainability and quality of life. For the love of our planet and all the people and animals that live on it.

But what’s in it for you, as our guest? First and foremost, a better holiday experience. Whether directly or indirectly, all our guests get to enjoy higher comfort and well-being, each in their own way. With the added benefit of helping us shape a better future in the process!

Bioland silver-certified

From early 2022, our efforts towards a more sustainable food basket will be recognised by the silver certification awarded by Bioland – Germany’s main organic food association. This means that the vast majority of our produce will come from organic farming, preferably from South Tyrol or at least from our Alpine region, and always from the shortest possible supply chain. However, the best from all the local specialities we’ve offered so far will still be on the menu, regardless of certification. And that’s because we personally know and trust the people who make them, and the way they work.

The Gitschberg ClimaHotel®

For us, ClimaHotel® certification is both a motivation and a promise. This respected seal of approval, awarded by South Tyrol's CasaClima (ClimateHouse) agency, confirms our connection with nature, vital environmental protection, as well as the transparent and economic development of our company. Supported by energy-efficient architecture, natural materials and integration of our valuable local resources, regional specialties and quality farm products.