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The Power of Nature

A place of unique vitality

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Between heaven and earth: the panoramic ALPINE POOL

A fountain of inspiration. Float towards the horizon and enjoy a sense of freedom and lightness. The panoramic ALPINE POOL will welcome you to a world of pure bliss. Come and enjoy the experience with us!


The marriage of design and nature makes you feel good. It’s an open dialogue between indoors and outdoors. Rewarding yet modest in its simplicity, which gladdens the heart.

1,400 meters above everyday life we have opened our doors not only to rustic living and the freedom of the mountain world around us, but also to a new ambience. Wide open, different and homey. A small, big world of natural pleasure.

With its energizing Fenilia Spa, the nature-inspired cuisine of Gitschberg Mountain and the unforgettable Alpine landscape of the Dolomites, the Gitschberg Hotel is a resort for anyone who loves simplicity and is seeking something truly special.

You can look forward to feeling completely at ease, human being to human being, in a ClimaHotel with a close connection to nature and a striking feeling of joie de vivre. Welcome to the Gitschberg Hotel in Meransen.

The Peintner Family and the Gitschberg Team

38 Rooms and Suites

Space for you, space for happiness. A home away from home. Created with joy, in celebration of zeitgeist. As simple as it is exclusive, individualized and connected to South Tyrol’s natural lifestyle.

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