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Boutique Style – Boutique ClimaHotel

A hideaway just 38 rooms small

It’s true. We love the little things in life. And we like letting them take the lead. Because details add value; they make everything different, unique, unforgettable. They allow us to arrive and simply be who we are.

  • Simple, but with a feeling for something special, beautiful and good
  • Natural, because we draw strength and happiness from enjoying and appreciating nature
  • Individualized, because we are people who love what we do. One-size-fits-all ends up on the pile.
  • Small enough that it almost reminds you of home. With heart and soul, with favorite places.
  • And big enough that your stay with us can be anything you want.

That’s what “boutique” means to us. That's what Gitschberg means to us.

Horst & Barbara Peintner