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Mountain Holidays for Health

Nature brings happiness and health

Mother Nature has been generous to us. She has given us beauty, wellbeing vital life energy. A holiday in the mountains, at high-alpine elevations and surrounded by unspoiled countryside does us good – body and soul. We feel that; we sense it. It's an inner intuition that has now been proven scientifically several times:

A Holiday from Allergies
Breathe freely! Meransen's cool, dry air is ideal for those who suffer from allergies to house dust. The pollen load at our elevation is also considerably lower and, importantly, of shorter duration.

The Power of Swiss Stone Pine
The pine used at Gitschberg not only has a fabulous aroma, but also improves circulation and speeds physical regeneration. The wood of the Swiss stone pine has been scientifically proven to reduce the heart rate, strengthening the body as a result, and improve sleep.

South Tyrol's Alpine Meadows
A handful of untreated hay contains about 40 different herbs. It represents a powerful potpourri for our Fenilia Spa. The rich ingredients and essential oils have a relaxing effect, improving blood circulation and reducing cold symptoms and rheumatic complaints.

Hiking in the Mountains Is Healthy
Back in the year 2000 an AMAS study reported about the amazing impact of a multi-week walking holidays in the mountains: improved metabolism of lipids and sugar, a significant decrease in elevated blood pressure levels, a reduction of body weight, improved oxygen saturation and an increase in the amount of endorphins released — for a fresh dose of happiness and life energy.

Biophilia Cure from the Forest
The modern research of biologist Clemens Arvay confirmed the existence of a healing bond between man and nature. Plants interact with our immune system and increase our resilience. Trees have invisible substances that help protect against cancer. Forest air is healing air. After a two-to-three-day holiday in a forested area, the number of natural killer cells built-up by the body remains higher, an effect that can last longer than thirty days.