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Green Cuisine

Nature at its best

Gitschberg’s organic cuisine

Good food tastes even better when it is local! Tested and recommended by the Bioland organic food association, the Gitschberg hotel’s organic cuisine is part of our philosophy for a healthy, more natural lifestyle. We like our food organic, seasonal, genuine. Fresh and colourful, it is a real pleasure for the senses with a wide variety of fine flavours. We let nature and the seasons determine the menu – we just make sure every dish is a masterpiece.

Recommended by Bioland

Our efforts towards a more sustainable food basket has be recognised by the silver certification awarded by Bioland – Germany’s main organic food association. This means that the vast majority of our produce will come from organic farming, preferably from South Tyrol or at least from our Alpine region, and always from the shortest possible supply chain. However, the best from all the local specialities we’ve offered so far will still be on the menu, regardless of certification. And that’s because we personally know and trust the people who make them, and the way they work.

Natural foods for a more natural lifestyle

By choosing the organic way of doing things, we also choose values that inspire the circular economy, natural farming, species-appropriate husbandry and healthy food production, with a view to protecting biodiversity and promoting fair trade and working conditions, as well as an ecologically sound approach to resources. This is our commitment for more transparency, sustainability and quality of life. For the love of our planet and all the people and animals that live on it.